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At Platform C you can study as many as 15 different languages. Dutch, English, other European languages, but also for instance Japanese, Chinese and Russian are on offer. Our teachers will help you master the language of your choice, whether you are on a beginners' level or advanced.

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Platform C | Volksuniversiteit Amstelland has a wide choice in creative courses: drawing and painting classes but also sculpting and crafting unique jewellery. And of course there are the popuoar Talent classes from Annefie for kids, ages 6 to 12.

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Platform C | Volksuniversiteit Amstelland biedt een reeks interessante (kunst)historische cursussen en lezingen. Verschillende docenten en sprekers, allemaal met hun eigen specialisme op het gebied van kunststromingen, landen, culturen en tijdsperioden nemen je graag mee in hun boeiende verhaal!

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