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Basiscursus muziek met instrumentencarrousel

Basic Course Music & Instruments Carrousel

Singing, playing on small percussion instruments (the so-called Orff instruments), moving to music, playing with music: by doing so you learn the basic music skills and knowledge, so that after a year you can start working on your instrument immediately. By singing and playing you will experience the heartbeat in the music and get to know different rhythms and melodies. You will also learn the principles of reading music notes. Your love for making of music starts here!

Part of the course is an introduction to all the instruments that you can learn to play at Platform C. During two weekend days in March - April you will get trial lessons on at least 4 different instruments, the so-called 'instrument carousel'.

Registration for this Basic Music course is open until the autumn holidays. If you register after the autumn holidays, your child can start the course in September 2020.