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Preparatory Cello Course

Conquering the cello step-by-step | 4 - 6 years

The cello is quite a large instrument, especially for a small student. Luckily there are also small cello's (the eighth or quarter cello's) especially for the small cellist. We start with loose strings. First strike and make a nice tone. Then the fingers of the left hand start to play along. With music games we develop the hearing and the sense of rhythm. In this way the pupils gradually conquer the cello. In the meantime the first steps are taken to read music notes and the first real songs are played, together with others. That sounds powerful!

This course is a good preparator course for the cello classes (from the age of 7).

After your application has been completed, the teacher will contact you about the day and time of the course. The group allocation takes place on the basis of equal age and equal level. Sometimes, due to the many applications, we have to work with a waiting list. This course starts after the summer holidays.

Voorbereidend cello
Course number: 5457-3
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