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Parent-child course recorder

Parent-child course recorder

Playing on a primeval instrument | from 4 years

The wooden recorder, which has hardly changed in its centuries of existence, is a beautiful instrument, a primeval instrument. The young recorder player learns to blow. That may sound funny, but blowing on the recorder can be done in many different ways. You will also learn to listen, fantasize, sing, and play. We also take the first steps to read notes. In this way, playing the recorder comes about gradually and naturally.

This course is a good preparatory course for the recorder classes.

After your application has been completed, the teacher will contact you about the day and time of the course. The group allocation takes place on the basis of equal age and equal level. Sometimes, due to the many applications, we have to work with a waiting list. This course starts after the summer holidays. Teacher: Ellen Kooimans

Ouder-kind cursus blokfluit
Course number: 5646-1
6 September 2021
37 lessons
Ellen Kooimans
nvt (nvt)