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Recorder ensembles

Recorder ensembles

Below you can find more information about the recorder ensembles at Platform C. Are you taking instrumental or vocal lessons at Platform C? Then participation in the ensembles is free. Your teacher will invite you and decide the best fit for you. Are you not yet learning an instrument at Platform C? You can still enter. Final admission is decided after talking with the teacher. We do ask a fee in that case.

Recorder ensemble 1 – The first time together
When, after a year of lessons on your soprano recorder, you can play a fair tune, you can join Recorder ensemble 1. Together with other soprano players én older students who play alto and tenor recorders. Perhaps you would like to learn to play those too? Conducted by Ellen Kooimans

Recorder ensemble 2 – All recorders together

After two years your skills at the soprano recorder have improved such that there is a chair for you in Recorder ensemble 2. You have become familiar with the tenor and alto recorders. The gigantic bass recorder is also starting to be within reach. How harmonious is the sound of the complete recorder family, from high to low. Conducted by Ellen Kooimans.

Recorder ensemble "Kopgroep" – versatile and virtuoso

Recorder ensemble "Kopgroep" ("leading group") is the cream of the crop. In this ensemble you play an extensive repertoire, from old to current music. Sometimes with sopronao, alto, tenor and bass, sometimes only with the lower registers. You have practiced, worked hard and gotten results. A position in the leading group of the recorder platoon is your reward. Conducted by Ellen Kooimans.