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Basic Music Course Adults

Basic Music Course Adults

Short course music skills.

Help, my child makes music! How can I support him/her?

I sing in a choir, but I don't understand anything about the secret writing above the text.

I want to play an instrument, but first I want to know more about music.

These question ring any bells? Then this basic music course is exactly what you are looking for. Here you will learn the basic skills of music: measure, rhythm, melody. First by experiencing the song repertoire yourself, then by the explanation how it works. Form (how is music built up), dynamics (tone strength) and articulation (the way of singing or playing) are also discussed. And last but not least: the principles of music notation.

Approximately two weeks before the start of the course you will receive confirmation of your registration.

Basiscursus Muziek volwassenen
Course number: 5633-2
13 January 2022
9 lessons
Laetitia Leemans
thursday 19:45 - 20:45
Orion (Orion - Muzieklokaal)