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Electric Guitar

Suitable for all styles of music, from jazz to blues, pop and Metal | from the age of 7

On an electric guitar you can tear hard. With us, you'll have to deal with all the nuances of the curves. So also soft and supple, atmospheric and sensitive. Just think of the variety of music in which the electric guitar is used. From jazz to blues, from pop to metal. In all those styles working on melody and accompaniment, chords and rhythm is an art in itself. Partly you decide which songs you want to learn. That's what you're going to do. You will learn how to play on the basis of a grab script that has been specially developed for the guitar. Guitar techniques, important stylistic characteristics and scales are also discussed. And much more!

Extra: Second year students are invited to play in one of the ensembles or bands.

After your application has been completed, the teacher will contact you about the day and time of the course. The group allocation takes place on the basis of equal age and equal level. Sometimes, due to the many applications, we have to work with a waiting list. This course starts after the summer holidays.

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Course number: 5409-6
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