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Piano Pop/Jazz

Piano Pop/Jazz

Rhythm, beautiful chords and a nice bass line | from the age of 7

In this course you will leave the classical repertoire to its own devices and will devote yourself to the 'light' work: pop and jazz. Light is not necessarily less heavy or easy, it is mainly different. Good pop songs and jazz songs are cleverly put together. How do you play that melody, how do you get that rhythm, how do you get the chords and the bass line right? You learn it here. The beauty of the piano is that it's all there. It's up to you to get it out. With the 'light' piano you can work solo, but of course also in a pop or jazz band.

Extra: Second year students are invited to play in one of the piano ensembles or bands.

After your application has been completed, the teacher will contact you about the day and time of the course. The group allocation takes place on the basis of equal age and equal level. Sometimes, due to the many applications, we have to work with a waiting list. This course starts after the summer holidays.

Piano Pop/Jazz
Course number: 5555-4