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The engine of music | from the age of 7

The drum kit is a very nice instrument. As a drummer you are the engine of the band, because of you the music starts to 'groove'. You can put a lot of energy into it and it is good for your coordination. This course is for anyone who wants to become a drummer about getting better. We will work on your technique and temperament, among other things. In the beginning it's quite difficult, but by doing and practicing well you get the hang of it. Not only in pop, but also in jazz you can use your drumming energy very well.

Extra: Second year students are invited to play in one of the pop bands.

After your application has been completed, the teacher will contact you about the day and time of the course. The group allocation takes place on the basis of equal age and equal level. Sometimes, due to the many applications, we have to work with a waiting list. This course starts after the summer holidays.

Teachers: Pieter-Jan Nijessen, Rob van de Oever

Course number: 5564-5