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Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet

Dancing as a ballerina or dansseur noble - with live piano | from the age of 6

In classical ballet the ladies are called 'ballerinas' and the men 'danseurs nobles'. That sounds very chic. For the time being, we just call our students 'ballet dancers'. With us you will learn ballet at the 'barre' and performing in front of an audience. Every year we will take it a little bit further and you will improve your dancing skills step by step. This also has to do with the development of your body. You work on your posture, technique, coordination, musicality, and of course the love for dancing. Lessons are given according to the Vaganova technique. Agrippina Vaganova was a Russian ballerina and pedagogue who developed a teaching method in which elements from the Italian and romantic French schools harmoniously come together.

Annual courses start after the summer holidays. After registration, the teacher will contact you about the day and time of the course. The teacher will classify the groups based on age and level. If the course is full, we will work with a waiting list.

Do you have any experience in classical ballet? Then you can also join Ballet on pointe shoes from the age of 12 in addition to the regular classical lessons.

Teacher: Mieke Roetman

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Clothing and hair rules
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Klassiek Ballet
Course number: 5642-3
6 September 2021
37 lessons
Mieke Roetman
Stadshart (SH - balletzaal)