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Free try-out lessons music and dance on July 4th and 5th

Is playing the guitar difficult? How do I get sound out of a saxophone? Shall I choose for the piano, or the keyboard? Is classical ballet fun, or should I opt for street dance instead? Maybe I should try that cello again. My neighbour plays the drums. Why not try it myself?

Questions, questions. And the answer? Come to a try-out lesson! On July 4th and 5th you are welcome at the Muziek- en Dansschool Amstelveen for free try-out lessons. You can try various instruments, join a singing lesson, see what you can learn at music production, get to know classical ballet and jazz/street dance. Do you have any other questions? Our teachers are there to answer them!

The try-out lessons will be at Platform C, Stadsplein 99, Amstelveen, from 9 AM to 5 PM. You can find the Lessons and timetables below.


The try-out lessons are free and can be attended by anyone interested. However, registration is obligatory. Click the email link below (or mailto: to register.

You need to provide us with:

● your name and age

● the try-out lesson you would like to attend and when (Satuday or Sunday where possible  – see below)

● preferred time

● phone number

● any other remarks, e.g. if you want to make an appointment at another time than mentioned below. In that case the teacher will contact you.

Enrolment try-out lesson July 4th and 5th

Timetable try-out lessons July 4th and 5th


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