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Courses that are great for expats.

Would you like to meet new people in Amstelveen and learn something new? Our music, dance, creative and languages courses are a perfect opportunity for that!

A large percentage of the people in Amstelveen are expats. Quite a few of the teachers at Platform C are expats themselves and know what it’s like to discover and explore a new country, their customs and the language. Our aim is to make sure everyone in Amstelveen can enjoy the benefits of picking up an instrument and learn how to play it. To take dancing lessons, even when you’re an adult. We also offer sculpting, painting and other creative courses. Then there’s also the language courses that we offer. English and Dutch for all levels and more. Explore all the options below and sign up today. 

The majority of the courses will be in Dutch, but all our teachers speak good English and will therefore be able to teach you or your child in either English or Dutch. At the moment, the parents of the babies and toddlers course prefer the music to be in Dutch, but we can easily adapt this to English, when requested. Same with most of the other courses. What’s most important to us is that you feel at ease, at comfort and excited to be here. If you have any remarks or ideas on how to improve this, please let us know. In the past, we’ve had parents point out that they would love a music class for their babies on Wednesday morning, so we’ve accommodated that. 

If there are any questions, we would love to help! Please send an e-mail to and we’ll answer any queries you might have. 

For Children (scroll down below for adults)

Music with babies and toddlers
Singing and playing with simple instruments, together with their parent/guardian, little ones will get their first musical experiences.The parent/guardian will receive coaching on how to help their child with their musical development.
For children 0 – 2 years old
9 lessons on Wednesday morning or Saturday morning: €125
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Toddler dance
Move around to music and playfully experience music and dance.
For children 4-5 years old
9 lessons every Wednesday: €125
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Kids dance
During the kids dance lessons, children will experience several types of dance. They will have lots of room for their own creativity. 
9 lessons, every Wednesday: €125
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Young artists unite at our Talent Class. Draw and paint all kinds of animals, luscious flora and trees which will help you understand how a knowledge of nature can create lively works of art! Children will also learn about works from famous artists.
For children 6-12 years old
10 lessons - several dates possible - Saturday: €200
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DJ. lessons
What does a DJ do? And how? During this course, you’ll learn to mix tracks with fluid transitions and learn how to build and manage energy for the ultimate drop.  Are you the next Hardwell, Armin van Buuren or Martin Garrix?
For children 8 – 16 years old
9 lessons on Friday: €150
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For adults

Basic Music Course Adults
In this course, the basic skills of music will be explained: measure, rhythm and melody. Form (how music is built up), dynamics (tone strength) and articulation (the way of singing or playing) are also discussed.
9 lessons on Wednesday evening:  €135
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Classical Ballet
Experience (again?) the benefits of ballet:  great exercise, relaxation, great posture, stamina and movement.
9 lessons on Monday (advanced) or Tuesday (beginners): €135
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Professional, yet fun: that’s how the teachers will give you the tools to learn the Dutch language. Listen, speak, write and read Dutch. All levels welcome.
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Our English department offers a lot of possibilities. All aspects of the English language are taught and there are many ways to improve your skills. We also offer options to earn internationally accepted certificates.
Several dates possible.
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Drawing and painting
Water colouring, urban sketching, portraits: our drawing and painting courses offer many options. Have a look and make your choice.
Several dates possible.
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Start chiselling and hammering in the well-equipped creativity classroom at Platform C. This course will be taught by Stephanie Rhode, artist and experienced sculptor. She will explain, guide and teach students the intricacies of sculpting.
Several dates possible.
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