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Conditions Volksuniversiteit Amstelland

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Conditions of enrolment and payment

Enrolment is possible as soon as the available courses have been published online. For the enrolment to be valid it must be done via the website together with an iDeal payment. For whom this is not an option an exception can be made in the form of a pin payment, after consulting the administration desk 020-647 14 57.

Those with a valid Amstelveenpas will receive 50% discount on the course fee. After consulting the administration desk, they can enrol and pay by pin at the desk on the ground floor.

All fees are VAT included in as far as VAT is applicable.

Placing and cancelation of courses
Registration will take place in order of arrival of registration form. Confirmation of registration will be sent by e-mail as soon as the registration has been processed. Should the maximum number of students be reached Platform C will have the right to up the maximum with at most 2 students. Platform C is allowed to cancel a course in case of insufficient registrations or allow the course to go through but at different conditions.

Annulment at no expense
This is possible in writing or by e-mail only until one week (7 days) prior to the start of the course. Thereafter, annulment will be accepted only in case of illness or removal to outside the region, written proof must be submitted. The maximum refund is 50%.

Refunding when fully booked or cancelled
If a course should be fully booked or cancelled the paid fees will be refunded within 14 days. Should Platform C be forced to cancel a course after it has started, due to circumstances beyond its control, refunding will take place Pro Rato only.

Cost of (lesson) materials
The cost of (lesson) materials such as books, creative materials or otherwise are not included in the course fee, unless stated otherwise. We advise students not to obtain books/materials until it is certain that the course goes through. In that case, a confirmation will be sent.  

Admission courses
One can enrol for all courses in principle. However, the teacher is entitled to give a binding advice to switch to another course, if the participant does not have the required level of competence to follow the course within any reasonable limits. Admittance to our courses could be denied to those students that repeatedly disrupt classes and/or break house rules; in such situations there will be no refunding of course fees.

When calamities occur, such as extreme weather conditions, force majeure, an epidemic or other exceptional circumstances and lessons cannot be continued on location, Platform C will offer alternative teaching methods, for instance written instruction and homework and/or online lessons. If Platform C is unable to offer alternatives it will be possible to claim a refund for those lessons that were cancelled. Platform C does not accept responsibility for (consequential) damage caused by force majeure.

Course result
Platform C cannot guarantee that students actually reach the aimed-for-course-levels. However, all due effort will be made to ensure the quality of the courses.

Liability and responsibility
Platform C can neither be held responsible for damages to persons and/or personal belongings, not for the loss of personal belongings during activities organised by the Platform C.


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